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Novembre 2016

La reine Elizabeth II et le prince Philip reçoivent en visite d'Etat à Londres le président colombien et Madame Dos Santos 01/11/2016

The President of Colombia has been welcomed to the UK by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh with a formal ceremony full of pomp and pageantry.Juan Manuel Santos, and his wife, Maria Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos, began their three-day state visit in the heart of London.The trip comes at a pivotal moment in the history of the South American nation, which is poised to turn its back on decades of civil war following a peace deal that earned the foreign head of state the Nobel peace prize.President Santos was hailed for his political courage for helping to broker the deal with left-wing Farc (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) rebels.Although the accord was narrowly rejected by Colombians in a vote, the leader has extended a ceasefire with the country's largest rebel movement to allow more time for efforts to save the peace deal.Northern Ireland has many parallels with Colombia and Mr Santos will travel to Belfast on Thursday to meet community leaders and discuss the challenges of community reconciliation post-conflict.The state visit, the first since Theresa May became Prime Minister, will also feature Downing Street talks.Mr and Mrs Santos arrived at Horse Guards Parade - Henry VIII's former jousting yard - by car after being greeted at their central London hotel by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, who visited Colombia in 2014.Under grey skies, the Queen and Philip stood waiting to welcome the visitors with Mrs May, Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, military top brass and other leading figures in attendance.On the parade ground the Guard of Honour, the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, formed in two lines with the Corps of Drums of the Battalion and the Band of the Regiment, under the command of Major Charles Starkey.The two couples greeted each other warmly before standing in silence as the Colombian national anthem was played.Mr Santos and his wife will stay with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, and will be entertained at a lavish state banquet there on Tuesday evening.It is the first time a state visit to the UK has been carried out by a Colombian president but the South American leader and his wife have met the Queen before - during a private audience in 2011.Following time-honoured tradition, Philip led the visiting head of state to inspect the Guard of Honour. President Santos walked past the lines of Guardsmen, glancing at the soldiers who, when not performing ceremonial duties, are active servicemen.The Duke walked a few paces behind the foreign leader, who strode ahead past the lines of troops in their grey greatcoats and famous bearskins. Earlier, the Queen, who wore an ensemble by Angela Kelly - green cashmere coat, silk crepe dress in shades of apple green, grey and gold lame, and matching hat - introduced Mr Santos and his wife to the Prime Minister and other VIP guests.After the welcome ceremony ended, the Queen and her visitors left in a carriage procession for Buckingham Palace.Later, the Queen chatted to Mr Santos about Britain's new £5 polymer note.They peered closely at one of the new £5 notes - which the Bank of England had sent to the monarch in September to mark its introduction.She is traditionally presented with the first low numbered version of a new note - this one had the serial number AA01 000001.It was included in the exhibition staged in the Buckingham Palace picture gallery for the Colombian president because it features a portrait of wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill - of whom Mr Santos is a fan.The Queen was seen running her hand over the note and rubbing her fingers together to convey the change in texture.It was accompanied by a letter to the monarch from the governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney in which he described the benefits of the "cleaner, safer and stronger" currency.The letter, in which Mr Carney described himself as "Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant", was branded at the top with a red-inked "Seen by the Queen" stamp in capital letters to show the sovereign had read the correspondence.Among the other items on show in the Royal Collection exhibition was a Colombian pilot licence presented to the Duke of Edinburgh in 1962 during the first royal visit to the republic.The Queen was entertained by the inclusion of a sombrero - given to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall on their trip to Colombia in 2014, while Philip picked up a black and white photo of himself, the Queen and former US president Jimmy Carter in 1977 to closely examine it.Mr Santos was shown photos of the Queen meeting other Nobel Peace Prize winners over the years including Mother Teresa and Mr Carter.

La reine Letizia d'Espagne et la princesse Lalla Salma au Congrès mondial contre le Cancer à Paris 01/11/2016

Après avoir reçu un "Tribute Award" au Bal de la Riviera au Portugal le 22 octobre dernier pour son engagement dans la lutte contre le cancer, la princesse Lalla Salma du Maroc, présidente de la Fondation Lalla Salma-prévention et traitement des cancers a assisté, lundi 31 octobre 2016 à Paris, aux travaux du Congrès mondial contre le cancer.Cet événement, organisé par l'Union internationale contre le cancer (UICC) et la Ligue française de la lutte contre le cancer, vise à "exposer les efforts déployés par la société civile dans la lutte contre cette maladie et proposer de nouvelles solutions et initiatives afin de relever les défis de prévention et du traitement du cancer".L'ouverture de ce congrès a été marquée par la présence du président français François Hollande, que l'on aperçoit assis à gauche de la princesse Lalla Salma, de l'épouse du roi Felipe VI d'Espagne, la reine Letizia, présidente d'honneur de l'association espagnole de lutte contre le cancer (assise à droite de Lalla Salma), et de la princesse Dina Mired de Jordanie (à gauche sur la photo).Plus de 3.500 experts et acteurs de la société civile concernés par la lutte contre le cancer se sont réunis pour cet événement qui s'achèvera le 3 novembre. Les différents intervenants lors de cette première journée ont souligné "l'impératif d'encourager les chercheurs pour le développement des traitements et d'adopter de nouvelles approches qui touchent l'ensemble de la société, en particulier les femmes".La princesse Lalla Salma a, auparavant, pris part à l'ouverture du Sommet mondial des leaders du cancer, à l'hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, toujours dans la capitale française. Elle a été accueillie par Tezer Kutluk, président de l'UICC et Jacqueline Godet, présidente de la ligue française contre le cancer.Ce sommet avait pour but de faire entendre la voix des institutions et organisations de la société civile à travers des témoignages qui ont mis l'accent sur le coût du traitement de cette maladie et ses répercussions sur les sociétés.

Source : MAP

Octobre 2016

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